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Our unrivalled combination of fire safety experience and knowledge, coupled with our comprehensive range of services, means we can confidently provide the very best guidance and advice from initial concept designs, throughout the construction phase to well beyond final handover.

fire safety engineering
Our fire safety engineering services include high level strategic advise, computer fire modeling and negotiating positive outcomes for our clients with the local authority, Our services includes expertise in relation to fire regulations, SANS 10400 Part T, international fire safety codes (i.e. BS & NFPA), performance-based fire engineering, fire growth rate, fire dynamics, means of escape, smoke control, structural fire resistance. 
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fire risk management
The Fire Engineer regularly conducts assessments and provides detailed reports for clients across the built environment from health care to residential high-rise and large retail properties, to warehouse and industrial premises.
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product evaluation
Building Regulations require that fire safety provisions, systems and products are performance assured.
The Fire Engineer fire safety engineers provide independent and expert opinions in all areas of fire testing and in the assessment of the performance of materials in instances of fire.
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fire life safety systems
Forming part of our fire engineering capability is our knowledge and experience in fire life safety systems, itself an integral component of any fire safety strategy. We are specialists in design, specification and inspection of these systems and can advise on most effective use in any building type from high-rise buildings and commercial properties to heritage sites.
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independent fire design strategy peer review
The necessity for installers to be able to demonstrate capability and traceability to their products and services is now more important than ever before, with increased public awareness, industry mindfulness and regulatory recommendations.
expert witness
Duties relating to fire safety can often require the advice of independent experts such as The Fire Engineer to reach a satisfactory and justifiable outcome.
You'll find our highly experienced engineers are able to interpret and explain the significance of complex technical evidence and are proficient in providing clear fire safety expert witness testimony in court.
fire protection training
As a leading independent fire safety consultancy, practicing for over 30 years, we have the knowledge and experience to provide standard and tailored training courses that are insightful and accredited, covering all aspects of fire protection. 
fire system commissioning
Our extensive knowledge of residential and commercial fire protection systems, means we can help you with detailed and thorough commissioning of your fire systems.