project experience

Since being established, The Fire Engineer has continued to deliver robust, innovative, cost-effective fire safety solutions. 


With flexibility, usability and sustainability in mind, we work with clients to maximise the potential of their residential projects with the assurances of fire safety at the forefront of their plans. From traditional builds and refurbishments, we have delivered holistic fire safety concepts on a variety of projects.

health care

We have extensive experience in care homes, hospitals, research labs and operating theatres to provide fire safety solutions. 

manufacturing & industrial

The manufacturing industry is characterised by large-scale operations with huge capital investment and complex production processes.

We work directly with manufacturing clients as well as architects and developers to adequately define fire strategies, utilise fire computational modelling and provide actionable recommendations effective for the operation of the factory or plant. 

tall structures

High-rise buildings are increasingly popular in order to help supply housing and office space in cities. These buildings can be challenging with regard to fire safety given the nature of constrained escape routes and increasingly complex building design.


We offer our in-depth experience of fire safety principles to ensure safety of the building occupants as well as provide best value for our clients for space optimisation and return on investment. 

mixed use

Places where homes, retail, commercial and communities co-exist in a development are often innovative and well-designed spaces, but challenges to fire safety that these buildings present are often unique in scale and variety. 

When considering escape routes, fire strategies and active fire protection systems, solutions to these challenges require careful planning and expert advice.


Fire safety is of upmost importance in the hospitality sector; hotels, restaurants and leisure spaces all need to be safe environments for people to enjoy. We understand the unique challenges arising from high volumes of occupants and potential risks associated with commercial kitchens.


When it comes to commercial office spaces, our experience is diverse and extensive. We work closely in partnership with developers and designers to deliver transformative commercial properties, ensuring both comfort and safety which is of upmost importance in these buildings.


The retail sector continually changes in response to demands from increasingly sophisticated consumers. This constantly evolving relationship between the shopper and modern retail developments, results in a cycle of new building projects and existing site refurbishments, as they look to suit customer needs. 


Energy from power plants has a high demand for robust fire safety design. In these often hazardous environments the safety of workers, site neighbors and accompanying commercial office spaces is paramount, as is the continuity of power generation.


Our aim is to sensitively protect and preserve our built heritage, whilst maximising the fire safety of the building. Heritage buildings are inherently unique so we apply core conservative principles in every aspect of our fire engineering advice.


In petrochemical facilities The Fire Engineer understands the disastrous impact of catastrophic events and how to mitigate the outcome.

Our extensive knowledge in petrochemical fire detection and suppression systems could be of value to the design & planning team.