Our success is built on our dedication to technical excellence and providing our clients with the best possible solutions for their buildings.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide safe buildings without compromising the design vision. 
As a specialist fire engineering consultancy, fire engineering is what we do, not just something we do. Our solutions are design focused and respond to the architecture.
The Fire Engineer is a specialist fire engineering consultancy delivering independent, honest and practical fire safety solutions to our clients across the built environment. 
Our sought-after fire safety advice protects life, preserves property and safeguards business continuity.

30 Years'


OIP (9)
“Answer the ‘Burning Question’ with Fire Prevention”.

why fire Engineering?

It is possible to design a building to comply with standard codes of practice, but this won’t always result in the most efficient or best architectural solution for the building.

Fire Engineering will often be the only way of providing a safe building which meets the architectural aspirations for a complex design.

Fire engineering is not about fire protection design, or compliance with a set of prescriptive codes of practice. It is about developing performance based solutions which are both cost effective and suited to the architecture.

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